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Slot Rating from Players

Five stars

Rank: 99/100

Hand of Anubis is a slot machine designed by Hacksaw Gaming studio. It has five reels, six rows and cluster paylines (“Cluster Pays” mechanism). The theme of this game revolves around Egyptian mythology.

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Hand of Anubis Review

Even the game's title is significant, as it refers to an ancient Egyptian deity: Anubis. The background image on which the tombstone scrolls are placed is dark. And it’s an Egyptian theme game.​​ In the game, the studio presents Anubis standing and masked; it is placed on both sides of the scrolls with a face resembling that of a jackal.

The default Hand of Anubis RTP is 96.24%. The maximum likely win here is 10,000x the bet.

The difference between these two statues of Anubis lies in their eyes. The statue on the left has blue eyes, while the eyes of the one on the right are red.

Slot Features

Here are the game features:

Hacksaw Gaming
Release date
5 by 6
cluster pays
Win potential
Bet range
0.10 CAD — 100 CAD
all devices
Other features
free spins, wilds, and world bonus
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Hand of Anubis slot paylines
Hand of Anubis slot machine with free spins
Hand of Anubis slot game with wild symbols

How To Play Hand of Anubis

In the basic game, it is this image appears. But during the bonus features, these images change.

The game symbols consist of cards ranging from 10 to Ace (A). These are the lowest paying symbols; they pay between 0.1x and 15x for a match of 5 to 11 identical symbols. Then we have symbols featuring Egyptian gold coin icons.

A precious stone of a colour that distinguishes it from the others is fixed on each icon. The five colours are

  • Turquoise
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Green and
  • Red

For a match of 5 to 11 identical symbols, these Egyptian coins pay between 0.3x and 60x the stake. The game's special symbols include two Wilds and a Scatter.

The two Wilds are two orbs with red and blue colours.

As for the Scatter, the studio has chosen to present the skeleton of the face of a golden pharaoh.

Other symbols also appear during the Judgment Bonus. These are especially multiplier blocks that change the value of bonus multipliers and crusher blocks. Indeed, on some blocks, the letter "X" is marked in white and a green number in prominent characters. Some blocks feature human and animal skulls.

There are two white-coloured skulls and two golden jackal heads or epic Anubis skulls. Some skulls are placed on striped backgrounds; the human striped skull is called Epic Skull, and the striped Anubis skull is called Epic Anubis Skull.

How to Win Playing Hand of Anubis

To play the Hand of Anubis slot machine, you need to wager an amount between 0.10 CAD and 100 CAD. The RTP of the game is 96.24%, and the probable maximum win is 10,000x the bet.

Winning combinations are formed when five or more symbols (up to 11, to be precise) land in a cluster/group of identical symbols.

The game also offers the possibility of direct access to these two bonuses thanks to the Buy Bonus feature.

Wilds and the Blue Soul Orb Feature

Except for the Scatter, the two orbs (Wild symbol) replace all the symbols in the game. They are progressive multipliers, and each orb has its characteristic, i.e. its way of making the player win.

In a spin, when a red soul orb lands on the reels, it absorbs any winnings accumulated by clusters in that spin.

If both orbs land simultaneously, the slot machine first multiplies their values ​​before multiplying this obtained result with the value of the winnings generated by the cluster.

Judgment Bonus

To trigger this feature, you must land 4 Scatters on the screen. This results in three free spins.

In the Judgment Bonus, the cascading reels make it possible to form winning combinations and multiply or increase the value of the multipliers. Once this feature is enabled, the base game symbols are replaced with a multiplier, modifier, crusher, ice cream and loser blocks.

These new symbols are those striped or unstriped golden human and jackal skulls mentioned earlier. Each time a modifier, multiplier or crusher block lands on the screen, the number of spins is reset to 3. In this feature, the multipliers are positioned above each reel.

Unscratched skulls modify the value of the multipliers of the reels they land on by +1, while scratched skulls multiply the value of all five bonus multipliers in this online slot.

Technically, in the game, this is how it works:

  • The Striped Bottomless Human Skull increases the multiplier value of the reel it lands on by +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +10, +25, +50, or +100.
  • The human skull with a striped background (Epic Skull) increases the value of all the multipliers of the five reels by +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +10, +25, +50 or +100; it doesn't matter which reel it lands on.
  • The Anubis Skull with no scratch in the background multiplies by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x the multiplier value above the reel it lands on.
  • The Anubis skull with striped background (Epic Anubis Skull) multiplies 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x the value of all five multipliers above the reels.

When an ice block lands in this mode, it crashes down to knock down the multiplier value above the reel it landed on.

As these ice blocks land, the value of each multiplier displayed above will always fill in the space such that if there is a possibility, all reel positions will be occupied by symbols. multipliers.

Purchase of Bonuses

In this game, there is also the bonus purchase feature. Indeed, the player can directly access the Underworld feature or the Judgment Bonus.
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Hand of Anubis Free Spins

The Underworld bonus game feature is triggered when three Pharaohs/Scatters land on the screen. This entitles you to 10 free spins; in this mode, the green-coloured orb can land on the reels.

When the green orb does land on a reel, that reel's multiplier remains active to add and multiply the value of each winning cluster.

Once the feature is activated, the value of the multipliers is displayed below each reel. Each time a winning combination is formed, the value listed on the winning multiplication table increases by +1 for extra spins. This increase considers the winning symbol's position on the reel.

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Slot Conclusion

Hand of Anubis is a slot machine with a 5×6 configuration developed by Hacksaw Gaming. The paylines are of the cluster type (cluster payout). The theme is that of ancient Egypt.

On the screen, Anubis, an Egyptian god whose head resembles that of a jackal, stands on both sides of the reels.

In this game, card symbols are five icons of Egyptian coins, two blue and red orbs (Wilds), and the face of a golden pharaoh (Scatter). The betting range is between 0.10 CAD and 100 CAD.

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Can I Play Hand of Anubis Slot for Free?

Yes, the game is available in a demo version for you to test it. So, before gambling for real money, try the Hand of Anubis demo.

What Is the Biggest Win Possible?

Hand of Anubis max win is x10,000 your bet.

How Does the Green Soul Orb Feature Work?

In each winning cluster, the red-coloured orb increases the value of each winning symbol in the cluster by +1. Regarding the blue orb, this symbol increases the value of the gain generated by the cluster by +1.

How Volatile Is the Hand of Anubis?

It’s a high volatility Egyptian themed slot game.